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Rękawka (Egg Rolling) Festival on Krakus Mound 2023

Come to the Mound of Krak and join the Medieval celebrations

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Rękawka (pronounced as Renkawka) is a Polish tradition celebrated in Krakow on the first Tuesday after Easter. Earlier, citizens climbed on one of the mounds of Krakow and threw the eggs, apples, and coins from the top of it. People believed that these actions helped them to satisfy the spirits of those who passed away.

Nowadays, Rękawka is a festival with fairs and attractive historical reconstructions. Usually, the event is held on the Krakus Mound (Kopiec Krakusa) located in the Podgórze district of Kraków. This mound is believed to be the tomb of Kraków's mythical founder, the legendary King Krakus. Since the mid-1830s, the folk festival of Rękawka has been held annually on the slopes. The tradition has been revived in the 21st century and is being held annually again, luckily for us!

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