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Easter 2018

Krakow citizens are devoted to the Catholic traditions and usually encourage their guests to join the events held on Easter day

Easter in Krakow - Best Time
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Mariusz Cieszewski | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

On Easter Saturday, which has a different date each year, Polish families bring food to church to be blessed. People bring baskets with bread, sausages, eggs, salt, and horseradish, and each of the components has its own symbolic meaning. As long as Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save mankind from suffering on this day, Easter is actually a holiday of mixed sorrow and joy.

Traditional Easter breakfast
Traditional Easter breakfast

Easter eggs symbolise the beginning of the new life, the salt is a weapon against bad spirits and misleading ideas, and the bread symbolises the body of Jesus. The traditional mass called Resurrection is held in churches of Krakow, whereas the secular traditions, such as Rekawka or Siuda Baba, take place all around the city.