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Festa di Sant' Andrea 2024

St Andrea, a patron and protector of Amalfi, is widely celebrated twice a year

Dates: June 27 | November 30

Festa di Sant' Andrea

There are two events connected to the life of St Andrea (St Andrew): in summer and in autumn. The celebration includes a lot of festivities, but the highlight is the taking out of the statie of the Saint from the church (Duomo) and bringing it to the seaside through steep areas of the town.

The patron is said to be looking after fishermen and the townsfolk, especially after the huge storm of 1544, that kept the Saracen pirates away from the town. This event is particularly celebrated in summer. The autumn event commemorates the death of the Saint, his coffin is taken out of the church and opened. A trademark of the festival both in summer and autumn is a wreath put in the water to flow. It's accompanied by major fireworks around the Amalfi coast.

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