Best time to travel to Amalfi Coast

Wisteria in Amalfi Coast

Beautiful purple and violet flowers adorn the streets and landscapes of Naples and Amalfi coast

Best time: April–May


Visit Amalfi coast during the first bloom of wisteria which decorates the landscapes, walls, street corridors and stairways of Ravello and Positano. The scent of these flowers is a beautiful mix of warm spring feeling and the anticipation of summer's arrival.

Practical info

When is the best time to see the wisteria bloom in Amalfi Coast?

From late April to early May, the Amalfi Coast comes alive with the beautiful wisteria flowers in full bloom. The fragrance of these flowers creates an unforgettable experience. Witness the magic and enchantment of wisteria in all its beauty during this lovely time! Show more

What other locations can one witness the beauty of wisteria in the Amalfi Coast besides Ravello and Positano?

Apart from Ravello and Positano, one can witness the beauty of wisteria in Praiano, Atrani, Conca dei Marini, and Furore. These picturesque locations captivate visitors with the delightful hues of the vibrant purple wisteria. Explore these exquisite places to make your trip to Amalfi Coast unforgettable! Show more

What are the other flowers that bloom in the Amalfi Coast during spring besides wisteria?

In the spring season, the Amalfi Coast springs to life with colourful blooms like Mimosa, Bougainvillea, and Geraniums apart from the enchanting wisteria. The Mimosa and Geraniums add to the already delightful and romantic atmosphere of this location. Immerse yourself in the fresh aroma of spring and the beauty of the Amalfi Coast! Show more

How long do wisteria flowers bloom in the Amalfi Coast?

Usually, wisteria flowers bloom for two to three weeks in the Amalfi Coast during April and May, but the time frame varies depending on weather conditions. Even though it is short-lived, visitors can witness the full glory of wisteria during this time, adding an extra dash of beauty and charm to the already delightful Amalfi Coast. Show more

What type of events happen in the Amalfi Coast during the wisteria blooming season?

Visitors and locals in the Amalfi Coast indulge in outdoor activities during the wisteria blooming season even though there are no specific cultural events during this time. Experience the charm of wisteria by hiking up mountains, exploring the geological treasures in the coastline, or simply strolling through the narrow streets of the villages. Make the most of your trip to the Amalfi Coast! Show more

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