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Jacaranda Trees in Bloom

Streets turn purple when those amazing trees are in bloom

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Jacaranda originates from Central and South America, but it has become essential for the Madeira landscape. A large tree with purple flowers also known as 'fern tree' is loved for its lush blooms and bright purple color. Funchal gets covered with beautiful blooms every April since the tree has been introduced in Madeira,

Funchal visitors can't miss those wonderful trees blooming near Funchal’s Cathedral (Sé) as well as by the Golden Gate Hotel and in other downtown locations. There are many jacaranda trees along the Avenida do Infante as it heads west from Funchal. You can see some really old jacaranda trees on Rua de Casa Branca and in the municipal garden on Avenida Arriaga .

Jacaranda mimosifolia is also called blue jacaranda. A native of Argentina and Bolivia grows really well in most tropical zones. It was spread to other continents in the 18th and 19th centuries. Jacaranda has become especially popular in Australia and South Africa. Jacaranda tree can grow 8-15 m (25-50ft) tall.

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