Best time to travel to Death Valley

Death Valley Super Bloom

One of the dryest places on the planet occasionally gets covered with colour

Death Valley Super Bloom in Death Valley 2020 - Best Time

Marc Cooper

The Death Valley National Park is the lowest, the dryest and the hottest place in the United States. In 1913 the temperature of 56°C was recorded here, still an unsurpassed world record. However, during autumn this area gets occasionally flooded after severe rainstorms. And water abundance in such a dry place results in an interesting phenomenon, which is called the super bloom. The following spring the Death Valley becomes covered with thousands of wildflowers, attracting a few hundred thousand visitors during one season.

Death Valley Super Bloom in Death Valley - Best Season 2020

The desert gets filled with a sea of yellow, blue and white flowers. You can see sunflowers, phacelia, desert gold, gravel ghost, bigelow monkeyflower and other plants that are able to survive in such a harsh climate. Remember that super bloom is a rare event which occurs only after substancial rainfall in the autumn and winter. But it was observed in 2005 and 2016, so if you get lucky, you can see it too. Keep an eye for the updates.

Best time for Death Valley Super Bloom in Death Valley 2020