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Best time to travel to Death Valley

Zabriskie Point

Colorful Martian landscape was created by centuries of erosion


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Zabriskie Point is one of the most famous sites in the Death Valley National Park. It's a must-see due to unsurpassed 360° views of colorful erosional slopes. From Zabriskie Point, you can enjoy the panorama of the Golden Canyon, Red Cathedral, Manly Beacon, and other prominent peaks. Sediments of thermal waters and saline muds in the ancient Furnace Creek Lake, that got dry millions of years ago, and centuries of erosion have created a beautiful phenomenon that attracts here many nature enthusiasts and photographers. It's best to visit Zabriskie Point either when it's sunrise or sunset, in order to catch some "magic-hour" light and take some stunning panoramic shots.

Zabriskie Point is part of the Amarosa Range, east of Death Valley. Located east of Furnace Creek on Highway 19, it can easily be reached by car. The viewpoint is situated approximately 0.5 mi (0.8 km) from the parking area. A short walk to the viewpoint is enjoyable at any time of the year except the summer. In the summer, it gets sweltering in this area. Death Valley is called the hottest place on earth for a reason! So don't forget to bring a hat and plenty of water and wear sun protection.

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