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Monserrate Mountain in Colombia

From every corner of Bogota you can see Monserrate mountain which dominates the city

Best time: December–March (all year round)

Monserrate Mountain
Monserrate Mountain
Monserrate Mountain
Monserrate Mountain
Monserrate Mountain

The greatest landmark of the capital of Colombia is the glorious and majestic Montserrat mountain. It rises 3,152 metres above sea level and you can find an ancient church with a sanctuary devoted to El Señor Caído ("The Fallen Lord"). The church was built in honor of Montserrat's Virgin Morena. This is the most sacred place in Bogota.

There are a few options for how to get to the top. You can use stairs which consist of 1,200 steps—for Christian people it's a symbol of Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary. It's not easy but it's free, so you can save some money. During the walk you can enjoy nature, exotic trees, and picturesque views. If you choose this way, it's better to use comfortable shoes and carry a bottle of water.

Another option is the cable car which can hold approximately 40 people. It's a very fast way which takes about 4 minutes. There is also a funicular which takes about 5 minutes. The funicular operates before noon and the cable car after the noon. The ticket costs from $3 to $6.

Whichever way you choose, on the top you'll be stunned by the spectacular beauty of Bogota. On the top you can also find a lot of different restaurants, a cafeteria, souvenir shops, and many smaller tourist facilities where you can try local food, traditional desserts of cheese and fruit, unique drinks, and buy some local stuff.

The best time to visit Montserrat is during the dry season, from December till March. The weather at that time is quite pleasant with a fresh and cool breeze. In July-August it can be a little crowded because of the famous Bogota Carnival.

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What is Montserrat mountain in Bogota, Colombia?

This landmark in Bogota, Colombia is Montserrat mountain. It extends 3,152 meters above sea level and boasts an ancient church devoted to El Señor Caído (The Fallen Lord). The most important place in Bogota, Montserrat's Virgin Morena, is honored here. The mountain is a symbol of the Colombian capital's beauty. Show more

What is the significance of the church at the top of Montserrat mountain in Bogota?

The ancient church on Montserrat mountain in Bogota honors El Señor Caído (The Fallen Lord). Devotees of Montserrat's Virgin Morena regard it as the most sacred place in Bogota, and it attracts many Christian pilgrims. The church houses many important religious artifacts and has a rich history. Show more

What are the different options for reaching the top of Montserrat mountain in Bogota?

Visitors have three options for reaching Bogota's Montserrat mountain summit. They can climb up via the 1,200 stairs, which is free but tiring. The cable car, which can hold up to 40 people, is option two and takes about 4 minutes. The funicular is option three- it takes approximately 5 minutes and operates before noon. Each option provides unique experiences and stunning views. Show more

What are the different facilities available on the top of Montserrat mountain in Bogota?

The top of Bogota's Montserrat mountain has multiple facilities for visitors. There are a variety of restaurants, a cafeteria, and souvenir shops, amongst other smaller tourist facilities selling local food or unique drink offerings, as well as local produce. Relaxing areas are also available, where visitors can enjoy nature and the impressive panoramic views of the city. Show more

When is the best time to visit Montserrat mountain in Bogota and why?

Bogota's Montserrat mountain is best visited during the dry season, between December and March. The pleasant fresh and cool breeze makes the peak appealing, and the clear views are splendid. However, the attraction remains beautiful year-round. The famous Bogota Carnival in July-August can lead to the area being crowded. Show more

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