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Mount Nebo Scenic Byway (Nebo Loop) in Utah 2024

A mountain road with spectacular views of the Wasatch Range

Best time: late May–October

Mount Nebo Scenic Byway (Nebo Loop)

Mount Nebo Scenic Byway or Nebo Loop is a picturesque road in the Uinta National Forest, in Utah that links Payson and Nephi. A two-lane paved road starts in a narrow canyon, following a mountain stream, and climbing through the Wasatch Range to Mt Nebo. With a considerable elevation of 9,353 feet (2,850 m) at the Monument Trailhead, the drive winds up to the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest offering stunning views of Utah Valley and prominent 11,928-foot (3,636-m) Mt Nebo, the tallest peak in the Wasatch Range. The 38-mile (61-km) byway can be completed in 90 minutes.

When is Nebo Loop open

Mount Nebo Scenic Byway is closed to traffic from late November until late May due to snow blocking the way. The road typically gets opened by Memorial Day, weather permitting of course.

Nebo Loop hikes

Nebo Loop scenic drive also offers many hiking opportunities. Trailheads and scenic outlooks are abundant along the byway. In particular, the road leads to Mount Nebo Wilderness Area. In summer, you'll enjoy colorful wildflowers on middle and high elevations. Whereas, the amazing fall foliage of the Uinta National Forest makes this road one especially popular later in the season. Additionally, there are horseback riding areas and the Devil's Kitchen Geologic Interest site to discover.

Nebo Loop camping

There are several campgrounds within the area. Visitors favor the Payson Lakes Campground, with paved hiking trails, picnic areas, camping, and great fishing. However, you can also stop at Blackhawk Campground further south or Cottonwood Campground closer to Nephi.

Nebo Loop map

If you prefer staying in a hotel, you can find the best deals suggested on the Nebo Loop map. And remember, that making your bookings well ahead of time is always a good idea.

Practical info

What is the elevation of the Monument Trailhead?

At 9,353 feet (2,850 m), the Monument Trailhead on Mount Nebo Scenic Byway provides spectacular views of the surrounding area, including the 11,928-foot (3,636-m) Mount Nebo, Utah Valley, and the Wasatch Range. It's a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and boasts the highest elevation of the Byway's route. Show more

When is Mount Nebo Scenic Byway open?

From late May until late November, visitors can drive along Mount Nebo Scenic Byway to enjoy the vibrant colors of summer wildflowers and fall foliage. However, the route is closed for snow from late November until late May. Memorial Day weekend marks the typical opening of the road, weather permitting. Show more

What activities are available other than scenic driving?

Hiking is a popular activity on Mount Nebo Scenic Byway thanks to the many trailheads and scenic viewpoints along the route. Visitors can also explore the Devil's Kitchen Geologic Interest site, go camping at Payson Lakes, bike, ride horses, or capture the beautiful scenery through photography. There's no shortage of outdoor activities available to adventurous visitors. Show more

What are the options for camping near Nebo Loop?

Travelers have several options for camping on or near Mount Nebo Scenic Byway. Payson Lakes Campground is a favorite among visitors, with its well-appointed camping facilities, excellent fishing opportunities, and paved hiking trails. Other options available include the Blackhawk Campground near Payson and the Cottonwood Campground closer to Nephi. Choosing the best campground is all about finding the perfect balance between proximity, price, and amenities. Show more

Where can I find the best deals for hotel accommodations near Nebo Loop?

Although there are no hotels along Mount Nebo Scenic Byway, visitors can find excellent accommodations in nearby towns like Payson or Nephi. Travelers can take advantage of last-minute deals offered on apps like HotelTonight or browse other reliable online booking websites to compare rates and services. Checking user reviews and ratings can help visitors choose the best option depending on their budget and travel plans. Show more

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