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Hiking Trolltunga

Hikers stand in line to take a frightful photo of themselves sitting at the very tip of the "Troll's tongue"


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Trolltunga is one of the world's most spectacular rock formations as its shape resembles a huge thick tongue jutting out 700 m above the lake Ringedalsvatnet surrounded by mountains—a truly breathtaking view. It takes up to 10 strenuous hours to climb the summit situated 1100 m above sea level. The starting point is Skjeggedal, easily accessible from Odda. Naturally a certain level of fitness is necessary. Although the cliff is safe enough to take epic photos, it is advisable to remain alert and cautious to prevent tragic accidents. There are no safety fences, and recently Trolltunga has seen an accidental fatal fall of a young student. Since there is neither phone coverage nor 3G, it would be troublesome and time-consuming to call out the rescue team to come and help out the injured in case of any accident. Tourists are encouraged to keep in mind that the best measure of​ safety is their sobriety. The rock is accessible from mid-June to mid-September when there is less snow in the mountains.

Hiking Trolltunga in Norway - Best Season 2020
Even in early spring or late autumn view is wonderful 2020
Even in early spring or late autumn view is wonderful

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