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Rørosmartnan or Røros Fair 2023

This ancient Scandinavian market is recreated in this special UNESCO world heritage site


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Rørosmartnan or Røros Fair is an outstanding market founded back in 1853 per a royal decree featuring around 250 vendours and drawing 75,000 visitors every winter to the UNESCO world heritage town of Røros. Following the tradition, the great market opens with a ceremonial arrival of over 80 horse-drawn sledges overloaded with the finest goods from Sweden, Østerdalen, Gudbrandsdalen, Gauldalen, Hedmark, Selbu, and Tydal that have been travelling for two weeks towards Røros. The main action of Rørosmartnan takes place in the "backyards" of the town. This large national event is held in mid-February.

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