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The Atlantic Ocean Road

This "road to nowhere" is reminiscent of a deadly roller coaster being beset by brutal ocean waves

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The Atlantic Ocean Road, named in Norwegian Atlanterhavsveien, unites a number of small islands scattered across the Norwegian Sea and is claimed to be one of the world's most dangerous roads. It took the constructors 6 years to build the road until it was opened in the summer of 1989, and during that time they suffered 12 hurricanes. The good news is that the road is toll-free.

The dreadful road, which was originally meant to be a railway route, consists of eight bridges, a few causeways, four viewpoints, and even contains several cod fishing spots. The longest bridge stretches over 260 m and is called Storseisundet Bridge (Storseisundetbrua), but also referred to as the "road to nowhere", as it was once named by the Daily Mail. When you ride up the bridge, at some point it actually seems to end up with a precipice. It is also named a "drunken bridge" due to its twists, arches and dips. Tourists choose autumn, namely the time between September and October, to ride along the Atlantic Road, since then it looks particularly sinister with abnormal waves crashing into the bridges from time to time and engulfing the driving cars for a few seconds.

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