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Red Cone Pass

A perfect ride for a 4WD with scenic views of the Continental Divide


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Red Cone road is a 10-km (6.2-mi) dirt track climbing the Red Cone Mountain, one of the most unusual in Colorado due to its color and shape. It is located near Dillon, Park County, Colorado. A steep and rocky trail with an elevation of 941 m (3,090 ft) above sea level can be either hiked or conquered in a high-clearance 4WD. The road following the edge of the slope can be rather dangerous.

Red Cone Pass in Colorado - Best Season 2020

Red Cone Pass is usually accessible from late June through September, but the best chances to drive up the pass is when the snow melts entirely in late August or early September. If you come at a different time, it is recommended to make sure there is no snow blocking your way, because it's impossible to turn around on a one-way road. The drive offers scenic views and occasional encounters with mountain goats.

Best time for Red Cone Pass in Colorado 2020

Webster Pass is located not far from Red Cone Pass at an elevation of 3,689 m (12,103 ft). Both summits are usually covered in one day, as you can drive from the top of the Red Cone to Webster Pass. It crosses the Continental Divide in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Red Cone and Webster Pass trail is a 20-mi loop that can be accessed from road 285, near the town of Montezuma about a two hour drive from Denver. The picturesque road from Webster Pass to Montezuma follows Snake River. Beware of a few switchbacks in this section of the road.

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