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Alpine Loop Scenic Drive

Just a one-hour drive along this amazing scenic road will bring you the pleasure of seeing some of Utah's most stunning views


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The scenic Alpine Loop is a gorgeous stretch of road that features numerous viewpoints, hiking trails, and campgrounds. The 32 km scenic route leads you from the American Fork Canyon, through Uinta National Forest to the Provo Canyon. Along the way, you'll see stunning views of the glacier-carved peaks of the alpine canyons of Wasatch Range, the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Robert Redford's Sundance, and Cascade Springs.

This narrow windy canyon road features lots of blind curves and has no centre dividing lines. Vehicles longer than 9 m aren't recommended to use the Alpine Loop. The road is also popular with bicyclists and motorcycles. Therefore, attention on the road wouldn't be extra.

The Alpine Loop is open for traffic from late May to late October. Driving through this area is especially popular during fall when the palette of autumn colours creates unforgettable mountainous scenery. During winter period the road is closed.

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