Drives That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Our planet is tiled by millions of miles of roads. Some of these roads are so amazing and beautiful that they have become perfect travel destinations all on their own. Plan an unforgettable trip through some of the most stunning sceneries you have ever seen! Travel along coastal areas, descend through splendid valleys, cross mountains and beautiful natural parks, or pass through entire countries. A number of these routes are hazardous, yet highly adventurous! Choose your perfect route and you won't be able to resist stopping to take in scenic views or witness fantastic wildlife. So, are you ready to make driving a real pleasure?

North America

Is there anything more movie-like than jumping into a car, putting the roof down, turning on the retro radio station, and getting a head start on the most fantastic American road trip of a lifetime? We promise there isn't! From the famous Redwood Forest to the well-known Gulf Stream waters, North America is dappled with unforgettable driving routes and truly magical driving experiences. The roadways from our list will easily guide you through the underbrush of lavish National Parks, the strips of stunning coastlines, and unique towns with a world to see and do. You won’t regret your hand-picked trip on the open road. Just take your camera, fill up your fuel reservoir, and off you go!


Have you ever thought about a great road trip around Europe? If not, this is your chance! This continent is blessed with some of the most vivid driving routes in the world. Some have been perpetuated in movies or video games. They offer unique views of mind-blowing scenery and let you explore territories you wouldn’t easily reach on foot. So, what do you prefer? Trying your luck along Passage du Gois in France or sweeping Gotthard Pass in Switzerland? Would you rather head through Cat and the Fiddle Road in England or take a Transfagarasan road adventure? Find your favorite picturesque route in Europe!


Asia offers a vast diversity of roadways to explore. Exploring this continent from behind the wheel allows you to immerse yourself in the extravagant, ancient culture that Asia has to offer. The local cuisine of each country is completely different from the next. Your tastebuds will be as pleased as your eyes! Whether you are making your way through the impressive curves of Kolli Hills road in India or admiring the mountains along Ma Pi Leng Pass in Vietnam, you will enjoy the ride. It doesn't matter what mode of transport you choose—whether it is a car, a scooter, or even a bicycle—the routes listed below will undoubtedly take your breath away!

Australia and Oceania

Scenic drives of Oceania offer bewitching cityscapes, mesmerizing panoramas, excellent ocean views, and experiences that might satisfy even the most demanding road trip lover. Enjoy a ride along the famous Great Ocean Road in Australia or cruise between the majestic mountains over the serpentine Crown Range Road in New Zealand. Each splendid route mentioned below has its own unique landmark along with cultural and historical insight. So, if you plan to have a nice road tour in Oceania, this list will help you to make your decision. Just jump in, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for an unforgettable journey!


Get ready to ride along fantastic African driveways! It is an honor for such an enormous continent to get you acquainted with its lovely, steady roads and remarkable, gorgeous views. Africa is a place of marvel and thrills with its exceptional beaches and wildlife safaris. Only a true adventurer knows that the vacation is not only about the destination, but also about a journey to get to that target point. Mountain passes, such as Swartberg or Sani, will leave you speechless for weeks. Each of them has a unique beauty. Take a look at our list of the most spectacular roadways in Africa to witness that magic!

South America

South America is a huge, abundant mainland with an endless supply of picturesque places. Needless to say, a road trip is one of the best ways to explore it. Jumping behind the wheel makes it easy to explore the landscapes of South America in a much more personal way. It allows you to take more time to admire the differences between the continent’s diverse regions and cultures. What will you choose? An astonishing and blood-chilling Death Road in Bolivia or endless beautiful landscapes along Route 40 in Argentina? Just select the drive you like the most and let it steal your heart!