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Patapat Viaduct in Philippines

Enjoy the ride along the 5th longest bridge in the Philippines

Patapat Viaduct
Patapat Viaduct

Patapat Viaduct is a fabulous bridge in a coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte, on the northern point of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Built some 31 m (102 ft) above seashore and stretching over 1.3 km (0.8 mi), this concrete coastal viaduct connects the Maharlika Highway from Ilocos Region to the neighboring province Cagayan Valley. Moreover, it snakes around the coastal mountains, the starting point of the Cordillera Mountain Range, and is considered to be one of the longest bridges in the Philippines.

The local authorities decided to build Patapat Bridge to prevent the landslides in the area, which caused vehicular accidents in the past. Finally, the viaduct was constructed by Hanil Development Co. Ltd. and opened to traffic in October 1986.

Known by a one-of-a-kind panorama, Patapat Viaduct is a popular tourist attraction nowadays. You can fully enjoy the picturesque view of Pasaleng Bay, along with a mini-hydro plant and the Mabugabog Falls. Pulling over at the side of the road is not forbidden so that you can take astonishing photos with the mountain and sea views.

The best time to drive Patapat Viaduct is dry season from December to May. On a clear day, you will adore the majestic views over Calayan and Fuga islands. During the rainy days, you'll be able to witness the beauty of water dropping on the rocky seashore.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Patapat Viaduct?

The months of December through May offer the best time to visit Patapat Viaduct in the Philippines due to the dry season in the area. During this time, visitors will encounter clear weather and enjoy breathtaking views of Calayan and Fuga islands without any interruptions from rain. Even in the rainy season, one can still observe the marvelous waterfall and rocky seashore as long as the water is dropping. Show more

Where is Patapat Viaduct located in the Philippines?

Located on the northern part of Luzon Island, the coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte is the home of the Patapat Viaduct in the Philippines. This landmark connects the Ilocos Region's Maharlika Highway to Cagayan Valley, the neighboring province. With its breathtaking, panoramic views of Pasaleng Bay, the mini-hydro plant, and the Mabugabog Falls, the bridge is a famous destination for tourists around the world. Show more

How long is Patapat Viaduct?

The Patapat Viaduct has a total length of 1.3 kilometers (0.8 miles) and concrete was used in its construction. This coastal bridge suspends 31 meters (102 ft) above the seashore and winds through the coastal mountains, which are the start of the Cordillera Mountain Range. The primary goal of the bridge's construction was to prevent vehicular accidents that occurred due to landslides in the area in the past. Show more

What is the reason for constructing Patapat Viaduct?

A massive landslide that brought about vehicular accidents in the past was the impetus for building the Patapat Viaduct, connecting the Maharlika Highway situated in the Ilocos Region to the Cagayan Valley province. Hanil Development Co. Ltd. took on the project, and the bridge officially opened in October 1986. Adventurers will enjoy the picturesque views of Pasaleng Bay, the mini-hydro plant, and the Mabugabog Falls that the bridge presents. Show more

Can we take photos by the side of the road while driving on Patapat Viaduct?

The stunning views of Pasaleng Bay, including Calayan and Fuga islands, and the remarkable infrastructure present an ideal opportunity for taking photographs. Although it may be hazardous to pull over and park, visitors are free to do so and take pictures while driving over the Patapat Viaduct. To enjoy scenic views of the mountain, sea, and waterfall vistas, visitors can stop their car, bike, or van by the roadside. Show more

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