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Oblation Run 2023

The statue of the naked man called Oblation gave the event its name and symbolic meaning

Oblation Run
Oblation Run

The Oblation Run is an annual event organised by the University of the Philippines' Alpha Phi Omega fraternity that is aimed to express the group's opinion on social issues. Some of these issues include climate change, disaster awareness, and local rivers.

Although the event is often criticised, the participants are quite consistent. Annually they run on a designated route across public places completely naked, with their faces covered with masks and handing out roses to women. By the way, traditionally only men are allowed to participate.

The event is held every December 16th to mark the foundation of the fraternity on this day back in 1925. If December 16 falls on weekend, the date might be changed.

The runs are organized on different campuses of the University of the Philippines, in or in proximity to Manila.

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