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Running of the Nudes in Pamplona 2024

Partially or entirely nude animal rights activists expose the “naked truth” about animal cruelty before the Pamplona’s bull run

Dates: July 4, 2024 (unconfirmed)

Running of the Nudes in Pamplona

Every year in early July, two days before the Running of the Bulls and the festival San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain, a group of PETA activists stages a protest against animal cruelty. They move along the route of the bull run from the corrals of Santo Domingo to Plaza de Toros, often splashed with red paint resembling blood and wearing only plastic horns. This stampede of naked people cannot go unnoticed, drawing attention to the cruelty of bullfighting.

Origins of the Tradition

This nude run tradition began in 2002 when some 25 animal rights activists ran undressed through the streets of Pamplona to promote a less violent and sort of sexier alternative to the infamous bloody tradition. Local residents, initially terrified by the naked action, have softened a bit towards the somewhat awkward twist in traditional festivities.

After years of animal rights activists' protests, more than 125 Spanish towns and cities have banned corridas and the killing of bulls for entertainment. However, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona still takes place annually. The local authorities explain that the festival benefits the economy as the city experiences a surge of tourists. PETA offered Pamplona’s mayor €298,000 to cancel the Running of the Bulls.

Evolution of the Protest

In recent years, participants of the protest have tried new forms, diverting from the initial naked run. In 2022, PETA and AnimaNaturalis activists donned dinosaur costumes to run along the streets to make the point that bull runs are not just archaic, but they’re prehistoric. This cruel event should disappear like the dinosaurs. In 2023, activists created the "Sea of Blood." Protesters were wearing “horns” and floor-length red veils. They were holding signs calling the city officials to end the gory bullfights. What we can expect in 2024 is still unknown, but surely, the protests will continue until the butchering of the bulls is not canceled.

Animal rights groups across Europe and North America have promoted the event and do their best to assist participant runners in transportation and accommodation costs. Each year, the activists stage a different performance to draw attention to the death of over 50 bulls annually. Location may differ, so you might want to check with the organizers for more details.

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