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Wine Fight (La Batalla del Vino) 2024

Red wine seems to be flowing in the veins of locals in Haro. Once a year it also fills up the streets of the town—at the exuberant battle of wine

Dates: June 29, 2024

Wine Fight (La Batalla del Vino)

Melicious wine fight is the highlight of the Wine Festival annually hosted by the town of Haro. This is the very heart of Spanish winemaking region of Rioja. To be more precise, Haro produces 40% of perfect Rioja's wine. No doubt, they have the right not to spare the beverage and celebrate it truly vividly, and so they do. Thousands engage in the crazy battle of wine poured, splash, and sprinkle tons of littles on each other. This is crazy but so much fun.

The celebration takes place in late June. It starts on the eve of St Peter's Day—June 28th. The revelry continues all night long, and the crack of dawn brings the main part—the wine fight itself. The participants are shuttered out of the town to the mountainside. Traditionally, the fighters are supposed to wear white shirts and red scarves. Masks and goggles are recommended to protect your eyes from wine.

Be aware, it's going to be merciless, no matter whether you're a child or an elderly—during the battle all are equals. So take plenty of wine, as well as water guns, and other vessels to carry your liquid weapon.

When the fight is over, exhausted and soaked fighters will have a chance to get some rest during siesta. The celebration will continue in the evening.

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