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Siuda Baba 2024 in Krakow

On Easter Monday, there is a high probability of meeting a strange man dressed up as an untidy woman, whose face is blackened with soot. Don’t get scared, this is Siuda Baba–a traditional Polish character

Dates: April 1, 2024

Siuda Baba

Nowadays, this dress up tradition is preserved in a handful of villages around Krakow. The best performances are usually held in Lednica Gorna and Wieliczka, about 20 km away from Krakow. Siuda Baba is the symbol of the town as it appears on local handmade souvenirs. The old Polish folk custom is celebrated annually on Easter Monday.

The dressed-up local man, accompanied by “gypsies,” walks from house to house and collects donations. He usually holds a large cross in his hand, wears large chestnut beads around his neck, carries a large basket on his back, and wields a soot-drenched whip. The origin of this custom is actually the ritual of banishing winter. This pagan tradition was later modified with Christian elements. If you meet Siuda Baba and decide to make a donation, you will possibly have your face blackened by the character as well. Local residents believe that this brings you good luck for the coming year, so do not worry.

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