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Guca Festival 2023

Lots of music and rakija at the craziest brass festival in the world

Guca Festival
Guca Festival

Guča Trumpet Festival is a brass band festival which is held every August in Guča, a town in the Dragačevo region of western Serbia. Every year, the small town turns into a massive party with brass music playing everywhere, the smell of dozens of grilled pigs, and dancing on every step. The brass bands are parading through the streets of Guča, inviting festival-goers to party through the night.

The main highlight of the festival is the prestigious Golden Trumpet competition that determines the best trumpet players among two dozens of competitors. There is also an extensive cultural program: traditional wedding music, sports events, and art exhibitions. The four-day festival attracts over 600,000 visitors.

Friday at Guča always features an opening concert, Saturday is famous for night parties, and Sunday is dedicated to the competition. The festival that is held since 1961 has featured lots of Balkan music stars. Every year, past winners of the Golden Trumpet award return to play here: Sasa Krstic, Ekrem Mamutovic, Dejan Lazarevic.

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