Best time to go to Valencia

La Tomatina 2019

The infamous crazy tomato fight you can take part in is the silliest and probably funniest event you may participate in Valencia

La Tomatina in Valencia 2019 - Best Time
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Łukasz Lech

Town of Buñol near Valencia is a yearly battlefield of the traditional “tomato war”, better known as La Tomatina. It is an event that has become one of the symbols of Spain and dates back to 1945. Participants from all over the world are rolling in epic 140 tons of tomatoes, throwing them at each other, the more the better.

In the past two years, there have been some changes and the entrance is no more free, but nonetheless totally worth it. All in all, La Tomatina is probably the most favorite festival in the whole Spain, so if you're planning on visiting Valencia it's a must-visit.

La Tomatina in Valencia - Best Season 2019