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Corrida de Toros (Bullfighting) 2024

A great opportunity to witness one of the most recognizable Spanish traditions

Dates: March 9–March 19 | May 11, 2024 | July | October 5–October 9

Corrida de Toros (Bullfighting)
Corrida de Toros (Bullfighting)

This Spanish tradition is centuries long and is held in Plaza de Toros, assembled in the style of ancient Roman amphitheaters. Corrida de Toros or bullfighting has been forbidden in some parts of Spain, but Valencia has kept its tradition. Even though the open advertising to tourists is prohibited, it is hard to keep something like this hidden from the public. Corrida de Toros is a classic bullfight that you have probably seen in TV shows and movies. Here, matadors are experienced and they fight the bull on foot but have five helpers: three on foot and two on horses.

Corrida de Toros Traditions

The atmosphere is just like in the books of Hemingway: there are proper costumes, music that follows matador’s good moves and scarves and hats that audience throws in the arena when the matador bows to them. The price of tickets depends on how experienced the toreros are, seating in the sun or shadow section, and how close you are to the action (the first row is the most expensive).


The main dates during the spring season in March (Las Fallas), the summer season in July (Feria de Julio), and the autumn season in October. Some bullfighting also takes place in between those months.

Semana Grande de las Fallas (March 9-19, 2024)

The thrilling bullfights begin in March during the Las Fallas spectacle, full of revelry and excitement. Every day of the festivities, matadors stand in front of the raging bulls at 5 pm, while some events take place at 12 pm. The lineup of experienced bullfighters includes Román Collado, Sebastián Castella, Pablo Aguado, Lea Vicens and many others. These performances are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with your eyes glued to the ring.

Virgen de los Desamparados Festival (May 11, 2024)

As part of the Las Fallas season, during the Our Lady of the Forsaken festival, you have a chance to witness a traditional novillada, a bullfighting spectacle against young bulls. Ismael Martin and Manuel Caballero will perform for the audience at 6:30 pm.

Feria de Julio (July 20, 2024)

Feria de Julio is one of the most-anticipated festivals of the summer in Valencia. Originally founded to attract both locals and tourists to vacation in the city, it has now grown into a month-long celebration full of fairs and fireworks. Bullfighting takes place in the second half of July and celebrates ancient traditions of the country.

Valencian Community Fair (October 5-6, 9, 2024)

An annual celebration of Valencia, Dia de La Comunitat Valenciana, takes place on October 9th and is preceded by several bullfighting spectacles, one of which is a farewell performance of Enrique Ponce. Nek Romero and Alejandro Talavante also showcase their skills in the Corrida ring. Performances unfold at 6 pm.

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