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Hogueras de San Juan 2025 in Valencia

Light up some bonfires, enjoy fireworks, and celebrate the shortest night of the year

Dates: June 20–June 24

Hogueras de San Juan
Hogueras de San Juan
Hogueras de San Juan

“Hogueras de San Juan” means “bonfires of Saint John.” The tradition of lighting the bonfires on the shortest night of the year in towns around Spain goes back to pre-Christian celebrations of the summer solstice. The festivities are especially popular in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia and on the Balearic Islands. The largest celebration is held in the city of Alicante, within a 2-hour drive from Valencia. Hogueras de San Juan is Alicante's official and most important annual fiesta, spanning four days from June 20 to June 24. Bonfires are being prepared days before the festival and are lit in the city center and on the beaches.

Festival Highlights

San Juan Festival in Alicante features the Bonfire Proclamation (the official start of the festival), setting up of the bonfires (the Plantà), as well as several parades and processions, like the International Folklore Parade, Ofrenda Vespertina de Flores y Frutos a San Juan (Offering of Flowers and Fruits to Saint John), and Cabalgata del Ninot (Procession of the effigies ). The centerpiece of the celebration—larger-than-life papier-mâché or wood satirical statues—are paraded in front of the public and then set on fire during the culmination of the festival. Every day of the festival at 2 pm, spectators can enjoy spectacular mascletas, a pyrotechnic show launched at Plaza de los Luceros.

Nit de la Cremà (The Night of Fire)

June 24th, the feast of St. John, is the culmination of festivities. The morning starts with the International Folklore Parade, boasting floats, musicians, dancers, and people dressed in amazing traditional costumes. After dusk, La Crema will definitely leave you speechless. Over 200 bonfires are lit near the City Hall and throughout Alicante. After that, a dazzling firework display is launched over the Castillo de Santa Bárbara.

San Juan Traditions

Some other holiday traditions include splashing the water as a symbol of purification and bathing in perfumed water. Another interesting belief is putting three potatoes under your pillow: one peeled, one half-peeled, and one unpeeled. In the morning, you have to blindly pick one potato, and it will tell you how your year is going to be. The peeled one means problems with money, half peeled means that your year will be full of ups and downs, and the unpeeled one brings you health and happiness. After trying out all these traditions, you can join the celebrations, dance, and party the whole night.

Feria Taurina (Celebration of Bulls) (June 18-25)

The Alicante San Juan Bullfighting Fair runs for 8 days, with an array of bullfighting festivities held in the Alicante bullring. If you are interested in this Spanish tradition, get your tickets in advance due to the high demand for this event. Hogueras de San Juan Bullfighting is one of the most anticipated annual events in the city.

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