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Drekkedagsnatta 2019

Tourists join the residents of Kongsberg in Drekkedagsnatta to party like the town's 17th century miners used to

Drekkedagsnatta in Norway 2020 - Best Time

© Kari Haugsdal

Drekkedagsnatta is a party held annually on the 22nd of December in the Kongsberg as a tribute to the miners who used to work in the town's silver mines since the 17th century. The celebration represents an ancient tradition of the miners' Christmas celebration: the hardworking miners would get out of the mines on the eve of Christmas and go down the hills to town in a chain holding torches and their wages and drink mulled wine and revel in a loud celebration partying in the woods.

Drekkedagsnatta in Norway - Best Season 2020

Today the locals and visitors of the town follow the same path ascending the hills and celebrating with bonfires, playing the guitar, accordion, dancing, and drinking.