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Walpurgis Eve: Sista April 2023

The night when winter officially ends is celebrated with a champagne breakfast and huge bonfire in Uppsala and Lund


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This does not look like Sweden. This does not fall into any stereotype. Thousands of students drinking champagne in the parks at 8 am? Seriously? Yes! The last day of April is something every student looks forward to. The event features open space clubs and plenty of picnics. It is about getting to know a lot of people while dancing and having the best time of the year! Being a pagan tradition, the night of Valkyries ends with a giant bonfire and late night barbecues!

Mostly this 24-hour​ party is celebrated in Lund, a city of 40,000 students, and Uppsala that combines people from Uppsala University and Stockholm University nearby. Even if you are not a student anymore, this is an experience to live through, because this is something out of the ordinary in Sweden!

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