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Nit de Foc (Fire Night) 2019

One of the craziest nights on the calendar turns into a real spectacle of fire and light

Nit de Foc (Fire Night)  in Mallorca - Best Time
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David de Mallorca

Mallorca isn't just about the beaches! Nit de Foc (Night of Fire) celebrated on the eve of Saint John Feast brings to life the many of the island's cities and villages. Colourful parties take place all across Mallorca. Some of the most famous locations to celebrate are Palma, Captepera, Alaró, Sóller, and Mancor de la Vall.

Nit de Foc (Fire Night)  in Mallorca - Best Season

The festivities begin during the day, where you can find traditional food, local costumes, and dancing on the streets. Once the sun sets, demons come out to the streets with their fire and light show, accompanied by people dancing to the beat of drums and flutes. The entire town is transformed into one real hell show. Pop concerts, street parties, bonfires, fireworks and many other crazy and exciting events take place during the festival.

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