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Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival 2024

Check out this small Rio de Janeiro style Carnival on the streets of Mallorca

Dates: February 11, 2024

Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival
Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival
Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival

The majority of the Mallorca's residents are Roman Catholic, so Carnival, which precedes Lent, is always bright, loud, and highlights the final celebration. The Carnival happens on the last weekend before the Easter Lent. Usually, the first day of Carnival (Saturday) is for children. It is called Sa Rueta. The second day (Sunday) is for adults, and this is Sa Rua. Sometimes both carnivals are held on Sunday, kids marching in the morning and adults in the afternoon. Every city in Mallorca boasts its own version of the Carnival, but, of course, the most loud and bright celebration is held in Palma.

Carnival Mallorca style

This Mallorcan Carnival may remind you of a small version of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, as it includes people from competing teams and special performances with dancing and singing. Costumes and floats vary in color and story but are all well worth checking out. The most creative teams are awarded at the end.

Sa Rua & Sa Rueta in Palma

In the capital and largest city of Mallorca, the Carnival is the most vivid. Sa Rueta usually is scheduled for a Sunday morning, namely 10:30 am t0 1:30 pm. The main adult event of Sa Rua follows in the afternoon at 5 pm onwards. Both parades have a common route, passing La Rambla, c. de La Riera, c. de la Unió, pl. del Rei Joan Carles I, and finally av. de Jaume III.

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