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Belize Carnival 2022

A celebration of life and Belize independence with the Caribbean flavour


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The annual Carnival in Belize is held in September, showcasing street theatre, music, fashion, and dance. Belize Carnival originates in European and African traditions and indigenous Mayan practices. Belize Carnival dates back to 1975 when Belize Women for Cultural Preservation movement came up with the idea of a carnival and a parade to showcase Belize arts and culture.

In September, Belize celebrates its independence from Great Britain. The festivities last for the whole month and include many events such as the Belize National Song Competition, King and Queen Competition, and the Miss Belize Pageant. Carnival Day is the highlight of this celebration. Jouvert is the pre-carnival bash meant to set the mood for festivities. It involves people, covered in mud, paint, powder or chocolate, dancing, gyrating their bodies to the Soca music through the streets of Belize City.

After this, the carnival continues at one of the parks of Belize City's Northern side or at Marion Jones Stadium Complex where a stage is set up for live music and entertainment.

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