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Diablos de Yare 2024

An 18th-century Venezuelan tradition became one of the world's most colorful carnivals

Dates: May 30, 2024

Diablos de Yare is a vibrant yearly masquerade running along the streets of San Francisco de Yare in the state of Miranda, Venezuela. The carnival takes place on Corpus Christi, which usually falls in June, but each time on a different day.

The celebration starts on the day before Corpus Christi, when musicians perform fulías, a folk music genre played during religious holidays. Special prayers and poetic décimas are recited until dawn. On the next day, the group of dancers, called promeseros, start their magnificent procession.

Dressed in red costumes and devil masks, the folks dance to the loud drum music as they make their way to a church. The parade culminates when the devils encounter Jesus in the Eucharist—the masks drop onto the ground to symbolize good overcoming evil. For details and the latest announcements, we strongly recommend consulting the state's official tourism website (see External Resources below).

Diablos danzantes, or dancing devils, is an ancient religious tradition, which stems from the mid-seventeenth century. In 2012, UNESCO recognized the Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Similar festivities occur across 11 of Venezuela's brotherhoods. But Diablos de Yare, which started later in the 18th century, is definitely the best-in-class occasion. It's known among some of the world's most colorful carnival experiences, which must be on your bucket list, especially if you're visiting Venezuela in June.

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