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Panama Carnival in Las Tablas 2023

Panama offers a bright and colourful event for you!

Panama Carnival in Las Tablas

The Carnival in Las Tablas is the most recognisable event in the country and is celebrated four days before the Ash Wednesday. During the carnival, people divide themselves into two groups called tunas, one tuna represents the Upper Street, and the other one comes from the Lower Street. They elect their queens, and the whole craziness begins.

In the morning, there are water, blue dye and shaving cream fights in the central plaza, followed by the two Tunas parades in street clothes. At night the fun doesn't stop with the plentitude of fireworks, festive dances, and street performances lighting up the night sky. After the night parades, each tuna goes back to its Toldo (the base) and join a large dancing party till the early hours of the morning.

Carnival is also celebrated in many other cities of the country like Penonomé (in the Province of Coclé), Chitré (in Herrera), Chorrera (in the Province of Panamá). Another popular spot to spend carnival is in Penonomé, capital of Coclé province, where their parade takes place on Zarati river and is known for its dance performances in the water.

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