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Semuc Champey: Natural Pool Staircase

November–April • nature

A collection of turquoise pool stairs ar​e remarkable for their natural perfection, uniqueness, and beauty

Coffee Harvest

December–March (harvest) | February 2–4 (celebration) • food

There is never too much coffee. Indulge in Guatemala's best during the harvest festivities

Trekking and Volcano Climbing

November–April • activity

The most impressive and challenging hiking trails wind up and down Guatemala's active volcanoes

Speedy Turtles

September–February • nature

Watching recently-hatched baby turtles "rushing" towards the sea is adorable and affordable for everyone

Lake Atitlán

November–May • nature

The sight of the ethereal crater basin is said to make the best of those who observe the beauty


November–April • activity

The remains of the ancient Mayan civilization hidden in lush jungles are best observed from the highest pyramids

Fiesta de Santo Tomás

December 13–December 21 • event

In honour of this Catholic Saint,​ Guatemalans perform a traditional indigenous dance

Mayan Pole Flyer Dancing or El Baile del Palo Volador

July 26 | August 15 | December 13–December 21 • event

Stunning air dancers resemble circus acrobats, but in fact,​ this is a part of Guatemala's ancient Mayan cultural heritage

Boat Trip around Lake Izabal, Rio Dulce, and Livingston

November–April • activity

Lake Izabal provides a gateway to Rio Dulce which will carry your lazy boat to an isolated peninsula town populated by African refugees


December 24–January 01 • food

Guatemalan norms of etiquette allow only one of these multicolored delicacies to be eaten at a time

Mayan Equinox and Solstice

March 19–March 20 | June 20–June 21 | September 22–September 23 | December 21 • event

Living Mayan history and culture can be observed during the Equinox and Solstice ceremonial celebrations

Candlelit Caving

November–April | December 05 • activity

Feel the urge of a thrilling adventure? Challenge yourself to the dark waterways of Guatemala's bat-filled caves

White Water Rafting

June–February • activity

This raging river flows along tropical forests full of iguanas and toucans watching the rafters from the banks

Scuba Diving

December–May • activity

The underwater wealth of Guatemala's basins includes abundant flora and fauna, ship wrecks, and entire ancient​ settlements

Jocotes en Dulce

late November–early January • food

This savoury fruit is stored for several months after the harvest to later sweeten the Christmas season

Zapote Mamey, Chico Zapote, and Mamey

November–March • food

Zapote season brings lots of delights from natural chewing gum to smoothies, fruit punch, and other fruit delicacies

Ceiba Trees in Bloom

December–April • nature

Thousands of blossoms open one after another and hundreds of bats converge on the trees to collect the sweet nectar

Black Beans or Frijoles Negros

November–March • food

Either boiled or fried, a portion of black beans will perfectly satisfy your hunger


October–December • food

Apart from being eaten raw, sweet nisperos are used in syrups, jams, chutneys, jellies, tarts, and pies​


Festival de Barriletes Gigantes or Day of the Dead Kite Festival

November 01 • event

Giant flamboyant hand-made kites embody the millennia-old tradition of communicating with the dead

Día de la Asunción

August 13–August 15 • event

The feast of Mary is memorable due to colourful processions and traditional Mayan pole flyer dancing

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua

April 14–21, 2019 • event

Deemed world's greatest Easter Week Festival, local celebrations amaze with fervent and colourful ceremonies

Boqueron Canyon

February–May • activity

Guatemalan wildlife literally roars just a few steps away from your lonely boat crossing the canyon

Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

June–November • food

These famous magenta-coloured Guatemalan licuados and yoghurt smoothies are made of red dragon fruit

Quema del Diablo or Burning the Devil

December 07 • event

As the clock strikes 6, the townspeople of Guatemala City leave their homes to set the devil on fire

Mayan New Year

February 22, 2018 • event

Observe authentic indigenous traditions in the 21st century


November 01–November 02 • food

Guatemala's festive delicacies are only outmatched by the traditional Fiambre composed of 50 unique ingredients and available just once a year!

Zompopos de Mayo

May • food

Mmm, yummy ant butts taste and crun​ch like peanuts and the season is too short to linger!


April 14–21, 2019 • event

A womanizer, drunkard, and chain-smoker is worshipped in some parts of Guatemala as a saint

Corn Specialties

April–September • food

Along with common yellow corn, local farmers cultivate unique multicoloured varieties that are li​kewise delicious!​


February–April • nature

Guatemala's rich avifauna boasts the fairy-like quetzal and over 700 more species


July–October • food

Green, yellow, and red—very sour, moderately sour, and sweet—you decide what to eat

Día de la Independencia

September 14–15 • event

Historical reenactments such as the torch relay and "La Conquista" represent the uniqueness of the independence festival

Swimming at Finca el Paraíso

February–May • activity

The blend of a hot waterfall and a chilly river can harden your body and calm your mind


June–October • activity

Surf longing vacationers will enjoy Guatemalan southern swell