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Ceiba Trees in Bloom

Thousands of blossoms open one after another and hundreds of bats converge on the trees to collect the sweet nectar


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Listed among the world's unique trees and considered Guatemala's national tree, the Ceiba tree is truly splendid during its blooming season between December and April. As soon as a tree gets rid of its foliage, the newly-formed buds prepare for the spectacle. The blossom show starts at 6 p.m.: the flowers appear one after another—around 1,000 buds can open within a short period of 20 minutes. Though the trees will continue to bloom throughout the entire week, each separate flower lasts only one day. This means that the next day after the blooming season's start; thousands withered flowers fall down en masse like rain.

The buds are also knocked off by hundreds of messy bats converging on the blooming ceibas to collect nectar. It is funny to observe them fussing among the flowers and covering themselves with yellow pollen. If you stand below a ceiba tree during s​uch a performance, you risk being soiled, but the extraordinary experience is worth it—just wear some old clothes and enjoy! Mind that the trees are usually tall, so it is a good idea to find a short one or use a ladder.​​

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