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Cherry Blossom in Virginia

Enjoy Virginia's breathtaking landscapes painted with cheerful pink and white blooms

Best time: late March–early April

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Redwing Park, Virginia Beach

Virginia has several great places to relish the beauty of cherry blossoms. As spring rolls into the Old Dominion, its parks, arboretums, and sidewalks burst into lush pink and white flowers. Usually, the season starts around late March and continues for a couple of weeks through early April. You must be wondering where to glimpse cherry blossom goodness. We've got you covered here. Scroll down to find out the best spots around the state.

Cherry blossoms near Tidal Basin

You can always count on some lovely cherry blossom displays close to the Tidal Basin in northern Virginia. First, visit Arlington National Cemetery—solemn and moving at any time of year, the historic site is extra vibrant when in full bloom. Then, go to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria or witness the flowering on the cobblestone streets of its Old Town. Alternatively, opt for a stroll beneath the pink canopies in Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in nearby Vienna, VA.

Cherry Blossom Festival Virginia Beach

The largest city also has reserved some excellent localities with cherry trees galore. Tons of blossoms sprout all across Virginia Beach, but one of the most enchanting sites must be Red Wing Park. In early April, it hosts the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, offering free admission and parking, as well as foods and drinks to buy. The festivities highlight Japanese culture, arts, and crafts. Bring a blanket to enjoy live performances throughout the day.

Cherry blossoms in the Richmond area

Lastly, you'll find multiple places of color in and around Richmond. Check out the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, lined with cherry trees; see the explosion of petals in Byrd Park; or discover a cherry tree walk by the lake in Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Besides, the capital houses its own Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival, celebrating the seasonal bloom and Japanese culture.

For the dates of the cherry blossom festivals in Virginia, please check the events' official websites or Facebook pages (see External Resources below). Also, have a look at the map suggesting all the best accommodations close by to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Virginia to see cherry blossoms?

Cherry blossoms in Virginia are typically best to see from late March to early April. The state boasts several places to enjoy the pink and white buds. In northern Virginia, visitors can go to the Tidal Basin, while in Virginia Beach, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Red Wing Park is a must-see. Richmond also has a handful of places for viewing, including Byrd Park, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. Details about specific blossoms and event dates for individual sites are available on their websites. Show more

Where are the best spots to view cherry blossoms in Virginia?

In Virginia, visitors can revel in spring by experiencing the alluring cherry blossoms. In northern Virginia, Arlington National Cemetery provides quite a view. At Old Town, the historical cobblestone streets make a great backdrop for the pink blooms. Also, George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria is a great option. In Virginia Beach, Red Wing Park is the annual spot for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Richmond offers several choices, including Byrd Park, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. Discover more information on individual sites' websites. Show more

What can visitors enjoy at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Virginia Beach?

Along with the cherry blossoms, visitors to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Virginia Beach can enjoy an excellent opportunity to be exposed to Japanese culture, arts, and crafts. The Red Wing Park festival attracts large crowds in early April and has free parking and admission. Attendees can indulge in authentic Japanese food and beverages while relaxing on their blankets and enjoying live music performances throughout the day. Show more

Where can visitors find cherry blossom trees in Richmond?

The Virginia Commonwealth University campus, Byrd Park, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offer the opportunity for visitors to Richmond to appreciate the cherry blossoms in bloom. The university and park have large, open areas to explore, while the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offers tourists a beautiful cherry tree walk around the lake. Richmond's Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival is a fantastic festival to celebrate the flora, as well as Japanese culture. To learn more about sites and events, visit their websites. Show more

When are the Cherry Blossom Festivals in Virginia Beach and Richmond held?

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Virginia Beach is held annually in early April, and attendees can gain free admission and parking to the Red Wing Park festival. Richmond's Cherry Blossom Festival's timing varies based on the season's bloom. For further details on dates and events, guests may want to check each of their official websites or Facebook pages to plan accordingly. Show more

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