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Cherry Blossom in Chicago

Find the best spots to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in Chicago

Best time: late April–early May

Cherry Blossom in Chicago
Cherry Blossom in Chicago
Cherry Blossom in Chicago

Cherry blossoms in Chicago remind everyone that winter has come to an end and it's time to cherish the warm season. Usually, the best time to see cherry blossoms is from ​​late April to early May. And yes, Chicago has a few top places to enjoy this natural beauty. Read on to find out more!

Cherry blossoms at Jackson Park

You can find more than 160 cherry trees blooming each spring around the Columbia Basin area in Jackson Park. It's truly wonderful how much the park can change in a few days, turning into a home for cherry blossoms. According to the Park District, there are five different varieties of flowers: Yoshino (pink), Gooseberry, Snow Goose, Snow Fountains, and Accolade (pink).

The first trees were planted back in 2013 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the World's Columbian Exposition. The following year, 50 more trees were added to honor the 50th anniversary of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago. That's how the biggest spot of cherry trees in Chicago appeared.

Other places to find cherry blossoms in Chicago

Chicago is a huge city, and Jackson Park is not the only place where you can find cherry blossoms. Check out Chicago Botanic Garden, where the trees usually reach peak bloom in mid-May. Also, you can head to Cantigny Park, Wheaton, Lincoln Park (a neighborhood in Chicago), Navi Pier, and the Morton Arboretum to enjoy this beauty.

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Practical info

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Chicago?

The ideal time to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms in Chicago is usually from late April to early May. During this period, the climate is usually pleasant and warm, making it a perfect time to experience nature's magnificence. It is important to note that blooming schedules may vary each year, depending on several factors such as weather. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to check the bloom forecast before planning a visit. Show more

Where can I find cherry blossoms in Jackson Park?

Cherry blossoms bloom around the Columbia Basin area in Jackson Park. The park has a concentration of over 160 cherry trees of five distinct varieties. These types include, among others, Yoshino, which is pink, Snow Fountains, Gooseberry, Snow Goose, and Accolade, which are pink. Jackson Park happens to have the largest grouping of cherry blossom trees in Chicago and has, thus, become a popular destination among many locals and tourists alike. Show more

What are the different varieties of cherry blossom trees in Jackson Park?

The cherry blossom trees in Jackson Park have five varieties, namely Accolade, Gooseberry, Snow Goose, Snow Fountains, and Yoshino. Yoshino has lovely pink colored flowers and is one of the most dominant types of cherry blossom tree in Japan. Gooseberry has white flowers, while Snow Goose has a blend of pink and white flowers. Snow Fountains have blushing pink petals, and Accolade has pink double flowers. Show more

What other places in Chicago offer cherry blossoms besides Jackson Park?

Apart from Jackson Park, there are numerous other areas in Chicago where one may view beautiful cherry blossoms. Chicago Botanic Garden, located in the North, has a considerable number of cherry blossom trees that typically reach full bloom in May. Another site where visitors can get to witness the blooms is Cantigny Park in Wheaton, which also boasts lovely cherry blossom trees. Additionally, the Morton Arboretum has over 25 species of cherry trees, while other options include Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Lincoln Park. Show more

Can I find cherry blossoms in Chicago Botanic Garden?

Chicago Botanic Garden does have cherry blossom trees on its grounds, and visitors are treated to a stunning show of blooms. The garden features numerous cherry blossom species, and one can expect to view the blossoms between late April and mid-May. With fewer crowds compared to Jackson Park, Chicago Botanic Garden provides an excellent alternative for tourists looking to avoid large crowds. However, it is noteworthy that the Garden charges admission fees, except for its members, who get to access it for free. Show more

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