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Cherry Blossoms in Boston

Witness spring splendor on the Charles River in Boston's Esplanade Park

Best time: April

When spring comes to Boston, the city is abloom with seasonal flowers. The most sought-after cherry trees are not excessively abundant across the city. Still, in April you can find some elegant pink blossoms along the Charles River waterfront and in various neighborhoods.

When do cherry blossoms bloom in Boston

Boston's cherry flowers might pop up in late March and continue to bloom well into late April or even early May. Each year is different, so we recommend checking the latest forecasts while planning your trip. Anyways, April is the prime time, and visiting in the middle of the month is always a safe bet.

Where to see cherry blossoms in Boston

Boston's Charles River Esplanade Park in Back Bay is the pinnacle of sakura goodness. But you can also check out the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard Yard, Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. Another interactive option is Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival.

Boston Cherry Blossom Festival

If you like to pair sakura blossoms viewing with some cultural experience, check out Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival at Brookline High School Quad. The program of events highlights all things Japanese, including music, arts, and foods. This annual springtime fun runs thanks to The Genki Spark and Brookline High School Japanese Program collaboration. For the latest announcements, including the festival's dates, visit the official Facebook (see External Resources below).

Charles River Esplanade Boston cherry blossoms

This neat riverside park with sweeping views is extra adorable when the trees go pink with cherry blossoms. Additionally, in Boston's Esplanade, you can glimpse magnolias, peach flowers, and other blooms. The best way to behold the floral display is to go for a walk around the park, take a sightseeing cruise, or rent a boat or kayak and explore the vibrant area at your own pace. For the park's hours, rules, public restrooms, and any other information or FAQs, we recommend visiting the official website of The Esplanade Association (see External Resources below).

Lastly, you may want to book your stay in Boston in advance. Take a look at the map suggesting the best accommodations nearby.

Practical info

When is the best time to plan a trip to see Boston's cherry blossoms?

Boston's cherry blossoms typically bloom from late March to early May every year. To ensure the best viewing experience, it's recommended to plan a visit in mid-April. However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the latest forecasts and updates before planning your trip, as blooming times may vary depending on the weather and other factors. Show more

What are some popular places to see cherry blossoms in Boston besides Charles River Esplanade Park?

Aside from Charles River Esplanade Park, Boston offers several other prime locations for viewing cherry blossoms. You can explore the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard Yard, Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. Additionally, Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival is an interactive event that's worth checking out. Show more

What other blooms can visitors expect to see at the Charles River Esplanade Park besides cherry blossoms?

While cherry blossoms are the main attraction at the Charles River Esplanade Park, other blooms like magnolias and peach flowers can also be seen during the spring season. Visitors can choose to stroll around the park, embark on a sightseeing cruise, or rent a boat or kayak to soak up the colorful scenery at their own pace. Show more

What are some ways to enjoy the cherry blossoms at the Charles River Esplanade Park?

Sightseers can delight in the cherry blossom display through several ways including walking around the park, taking a sightseeing cruise, or renting a kayak or boat. For a closer view of the trees, a leisurely walk might be the better option, while boat rides can offer the added bonus of seeing Boston's skyline and the riverbanks of the park. Show more

When is the annual Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival, and where can I get updated information about the event?

The annual Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival, which showcases Japanese music, arts, and cuisine, is typically held in late April or May. However, the festival dates may vary each year. The Facebook page of the festival provides the latest information and updates about the date and the full schedule of the events. Show more

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