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Cherry Blossom in South Africa

Travel to the countryside to see cherry orchards spring bloom throughout the country

Best time: early September–early October

Cherry Blossom

Blooming cherry trees is not a common sight in South African cities, which are primarily known for their flowering jacaranda trees. However, many orchards and gardens across the country boast a variety of cherry trees, which turn delightfully pink in September and October.


Johannesburg Botanical Gardens is a perfect destination for a springtime stroll. The terraced Rose Garden, surrounded by Japanese cherry trees, is especially scenic during this time. Thousands of blooming roses surrounded by breathtaking cherry blossoms create a spectacular sight!


Ficksburg is the main cherry-producing region in South Africa, where the first cherry trees were planted in 1905. This Eastern Free State town is also called the Cherry Capital of the World due to the abundance of cherry orchards in the area. Visitors can come in early September to see hundreds of cherry trees in bloom in the orchards around Ficksburg against a breath-taking scenery.


The Ceres Valley is famous for its fruit tree blooms, which include cherries, apples, and pears. Klondyke Cherry Farm, located just two hours from Cape Town, is the best place to marvel at blooming cherry trees and spend a fun day outdoors. The farm has three self-catering cottages and camping. You can come back later in November or December to pick delicious cherries.

Practical info

What is the period to enjoy cherry blossoms in South Africa?

Cherry trees throughout South Africa bloom from early September to early October when visitors can enjoy the pink and white flowers. The countryside areas, including the Eastern Free State region, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape, offer the best opportunity to see the cherry blossoms. Visitors should note that cherry trees are scarce in cities such as Johannesburg. Show more

Which is the best place in Johannesburg to see blooming cherry trees?

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens offers views of blooming cherry trees, with a beautiful Rose Garden terrace surrounded by Japanese cherry trees during the peak blooming season of early September to early October. However, visitors looking for more serene environments to enjoy the South African cherry blossoms can also visit Klondyke Cherry Farm in Ceres and the Ficksburg region in Eastern Free State. Show more

What is the primary attraction to Ficksburg, and why is it so famous?

Ficksburg, located in the Eastern Free State region, is famous for producing cherries, making it the primary cherry-producing region in South Africa. Visitors can enjoy a visit to several cherry orchards in the town to see the beautiful cherry blossoms from early September. Ficksburg is renowned as the Cherry Capital of the World due to the abundance of cherry orchards in the area. Show more

What is the best time to visit the cherry blossoms in Ficksburg, and what activities can visitors do there?

The best time to visit Ficksburg's cherry blossom orchards is early September, immediately following the last frost. Different cherry trees bloom at various times, which can offer visitors opportunities to enjoy new cherry blossoms for up to a month. Visitors can attend the annual Cherry Festival held in November and go hiking in the nearby Maluti Mountains. Show more

What activities can visitors participate in when they visit Klondyke Cherry Farm, and where is it located?

Klondyke Cherry Farm, located in Ceres, is two hours away from Cape Town, surrounded by picturesque mountain passes traversed by the Nuy Valley. Visitors can see blooming cherry trees and participate in picking cherries when they ripen between November/December. However, visitors can also go on nature walks, bird-watching, and enjoy the farm's self-catering cottages and camping facilities. Show more

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