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Best time to travel to Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN

Cherry Blossom

Even though the climate of Minnesota does not favor cherry trees, St. Paul still boasts a place to enjoy beautiful sakura flowers


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A cherry tree is a traditional symbol of spring in Japan and nowadays pretty much worldwide. We love to observe its delicate and exuberant blossoms. Yet, these trees are not hardy enough to thrive in all climates.

Can cherry blossom trees grow in Minnesota

Most cherry trees cannot survive the harsh winters of Minnesota, as they can't stand severe freezing temperatures and need full sun for at least 6–8 hours per day. Nevertheless, the Twin Cities offer one place where sakura lovers can indulge in cherry blossoms—Como Regional Park. In 2012, Japan gifted St. Paul about 20 particular cherry trees capable of withstanding the local cold. The city planted the trees at the Mannheimer Memorial near the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory's Butterfly Parking Lot. Cherry blossoms may appear in late April, early May, or even later, so be sure to check the latest forecasts. Anyways, the best time to capture the bloom falls between early May and early June.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Minnesota

Ever since St. Paul received the cherry trees, the city has been hosting an annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Como Park to acknowledge their relationship with Japan. Taiko Celebration of cherry blossoms and Japanese culture runs on the first weekend of June. The festival is sponsored by St. Paul's sister-city Nagasaki. For any additional information, we suggest consulting the official websites listed in the External Resources below.

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