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Plumeria Blossom in Hawaii 2024

Plumeria flowers have become a symbol of Hawaii. Don't miss their beautiful bloom season

Best time: April–August

Plumeria Blossom
Plumeria Blossom
Plumeria Blossom
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Plumerias are often associated with Hawaii because they are used to make traditional leis and other flower decorations that the islands are so famous for. Plumeria grows in clusters and can produce up to 200 blossoms per cluster. The colors vary from pink to yellow and white. Most plumerias start blooming in spring and stop in mid or late summer. Although certain varieties can bloom until October.​

To witness the massive bloom, visit Plumeria Grove in Koko Crater Botanical Garden in East Honolulu. The garden, located inside the crater, features a 2.3 mi (3.7 km) trail winding through a beautiful plumeria forest with hundreds of trees blooming in different colors. Maui Garden of Eden in Hana is another spot to see an impressive number of simultaneously blooming trees.

Plumeria grows in many private gardens and parks in Hawaii, because its large flowers and strong scent attract various insects for pollination. Even though the flowers have no nectar, they still draw plenty of butterflies and moths. Keep in mind that plumeria flowers and leaves are considered toxic. Even though no cases of plumeria poisoning have been recorded in Hawaii, animals chewing leaves might get digestive problems.

Practical info

When do Plumeria blossoms appear in Hawaii?

Plumeria flowers can be seen across Hawaii from April to August, with certain varieties lasting until October. The ideal time to see most plumerias fully bloomed is from June to July when they can produce up to 200 flowers per cluster. These beautiful blooms can be observed throughout spring and summer in Hawaii, filling the atmosphere with their heavenly scent and vibrant colors. Show more

What are some locations to see a beautiful and large Plumeria Grove in Hawaii?

Situated in the east of Honolulu, the Koko Crater Botanical Garden houses the most popular and magnificent Plumeria Grove teeming with hundreds of trees flourishing in diverse hues. The garden manages a 2.3 mi (3.7 km) path that takes one through a mesmerizing forest of plumeria. Maui Garden of Eden in Hana is another breathtaking spot to see a myriad of plumerias in full blossom. Remember that the blooming seasons for both spots vary from year to year. Show more

What is the importance of Plumeria in Hawaiian culture?

Plumeria is a highly symbolic flower renowned in Hawaiian culture for various purposes. Plumeria flowers are commonly used to make lei, a type of garland decorated with flowers and worn at significant events. Both men and women adorn themselves with plumeria lei, which denotes love, friendship, and the aloha spirit. The dainty and sweet fragrance of the flower also makes it an essential ingredient in perfume-making and aromatherapy. In Hawaiian belief, plumeria signifies new beginnings and positivity. Show more

Can one grow Plumeria in their garden in Hawaii?

Growing Plumeria in gardens in Hawaii is a common practice since it thrives in the tropical climate of the state. With the hot and humid daytime temperatures and cooler nights, plumeria plants can quickly grow without much upkeep. However, caution is required since plumeria flowers and leaves are highly toxic, primarily to pets such as dogs and cats. As a result, homeowners should ensure that their pets are not close to the plants or eating them. Show more

What are the health risks associated with Plumeria flowers and leaves?

Despite being toxic to humans, there have been no cases of plumeria poisoning reported in Hawaii. The sap from the plumeria plant contains latex, which gives rise to skin irritation and allergic responses in some people. Eating the leaves or flowers of the plant leads to stomach ailments, nausea, and diarrhea. Meanwhile, consuming plumeria leaves or flowers can cause digestive difficulties in pets such as dogs. It is imperative to protect children and pets from coming into contact with the plant or consuming it. Show more

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