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Winter Surf Season in Hawaii

Hawaii is a surfer's paradise, especially in winter when it becomes a dynamic global surfing hot spot

Winter Surf Season
Winter Surf Season

Are you a pro-surfer ready to take up the challenge of big waves? Admire watching great surfers at work? Then this is the destination for you. Surfers are attracted to Hawaii in winter due to the big waves and relatively warm temperatures of the mild subtropical climate. The waves hit the islands from the north and west and are usually around 2-4 meters.

The North Shore of Oahu and Waikiki are the most popular surf spots, which bring together professionals and enthusiasts of surfing from all over the world. However, no matter what Hawaiian island​ you choose, you'll find good surf everywhere at this time!​

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When is the best time for surfer enthusiasts to travel to Hawaii?

Surfers that love to challenge themselves with big waves should travel to Hawaii from November to March. This period is known as the winter surf season and is the best time to visit Hawaii. The North Pacific ocean serves up big and powerful waves that can reach 30 feet and is perfect for surfer enthusiasts. Hawaii's mild and subtropical climates make it an ideal destination for surfers. Show more

In which parts of Hawaii are the best surf spots located during the winter season?

The most popular surf spots are Waikiki Beach and the North Shore of Oahu during the winter season. The North Shore is famous for its massive waves, which can reach a height of 30 feet. On the other hand, Waikiki Beach caters to surfers of from all skill levels. In addition to these spots, there are also famous surf spots on the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. Hawaii has surf spots suitable for any surfer enthusiast. Show more

What is the average temperature of the water during winter surfing in Hawaii?

The average temperature of the water during winter surfing in Hawaii is around 23°C to 24°C (74°F to 76°F). Although this temperature is warm enough to participate in surfing without wearing a wetsuit, most surfers prefer to wear one to stay in the water longer. Hawaii has a subtropical climate that doesn't experience a significant drop in the water temperature throughout the year, making it favorable for water sports enthusiasts. Show more

What to expect in terms of waves during a winter surf season in Hawaii?

The waves during the winter season in Hawaii are big and powerful, ranging from 2-4 meters high, and can reach up to 30 feet in the North Shore. These swells come from the north and west, posing a challenge to even the most experienced surfers. Because of their dangerous nature, only experienced surfers should participate in these areas. Catching a wave can be intense, but there is no shortage of excitement to be had for any surfer enthusiast. Show more

What surfing events are held in Hawaii during the winter season?

Hawaii hosts numerous surfing events during the winter season. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is one of the most prestigious events, held from November to December on the North Shore of Oahu. During the event, big-wave surfers from around the world participate in the competition. Apart from the Triple Crown, other competitions include the Pipeline Masters, also on the North Shore of Oahu and the International Bodyboarding Championship in Waikiki. These events bring surfers from around the world, showcasing their prowess in surfing. Show more

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