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New Zealand surf spot map has 28 marks found in the North Island and 10 locations in the South Island

Surfing in New Zealand - Best Time
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Dunedin NZ

New Zealand awe-inspiring waves provide great surfing opportunities. Most of the 38 wild surfing spots are located in the North Island, namely 28 locations. They are found mainly in Gisborne, Wellington, Tanaraki and Bay of Plenty. Beaches in Raglan and Piha are quite popular as well. The South Island also has something to delight surfers. Its 10 surfing spots are placed along the east coast, and the best of them belong to Christchurch and Dunedin in Otago.

Surfing in New Zealand - Best Season

Needless to say that winter cold does not make for a positive surfing experience, especially in the South Island, where winters tend to be considerably severer. Thus,​ it is advisable to go into surfing during the warm season between September and April.

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