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Surf longing vacationers will enjoy Guatemalan southern swell


Guatemala is not deemed worldwide surfing destination, Central America has better options for such an experience, still the country has a few nice surfing sites, particularly along the southern coastline. So if you feel irresistible desire for immediate surf while in Guatemala, there is no urgent need to travel further,—you will find quite acceptable surfing beaches between Monterrico and Tecotaje in the south. The best swell is available in the rainy season; t​hat​ is from June through October.

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What are some surfing spots in Guatemala recommended to visit?

Surfing isn't prevalent in Guatemala, but its southern coastline between Monterrico and Tecotaje offers decent surf spots with good waves from June through October. Puerto San Jose, El Paredon, and Sipacate are some popular secluded surf spots in the area. Moreover, a few surf lodges, cozy cabins, and basic hotels offer pleasant stays for the tourists who want to experience the quiet atmosphere of the country. Show more

When is the best time to catch big waves while surfing in Guatemala?

The southern coast of Guatemala has more consistent southern swells ideal favorable for surfing. The best time for catching bigger waves is from September to November. It is when the waves are commonly above head-high and big wave sets are frequent. This period is typically less crowded, and as a result, there are a better chance and vast opportunities to catch some of the best waves of your life. Show more

What kind of waves can you expect while surfing in Guatemala?

While not famous for surfing, Guatemala offers good conditions for satisfactory surfing on the southern coastline between Monterrico and Tecotaje. Beginners and intermediate surfers will find smaller sets of waves, while high-performance surfers could witness occasional big waves from time to time. With uncrowded beaches, warm water, and consistent swells, Southern Guatemala is the ideal escape for surfers looking for a smooth and peaceful surfing experience. Show more

Does Guatemala have other tourist hotspots besides surfing?

Guatemala isn't the first country that comes to mind for surfing, but the southern coastline has a few spots for surfers looking for lesser-known surfing destinations. However, the country also boasts historical sites, rich culture, and natural beauty, making it a popular tourist destination. Tourists can make a trip to places like Tikal, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan to take in the ancient ruins, colonial architecture, and gorgeous scenery. Show more

Which towns in Guatemala are best for staying during surfing?

Monterrico is the most accessible point of entry for surfers visiting Southern Guatemala. It is a peaceful town with a range of accommodation options. These include quality hotels, beach cabins, and modest hostels. For travelers seeking a more authentic experience, El Paredon's traditional beach town, which lies a little further north, is an excellent place to stay. It features delicious seafood, laid-back vibes, and breathtaking ocean views. Show more

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