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India is for surfers! Just find your own perfect spot and enjoy the waves


Want to know why India always makes the list of top surf trip destinations? Apart from 7,000 kilometers of stunning coastline, the interesting thing is that the word ‘surf’ has an Indian origin. And if there is any other word that surfers use the most it is probably ‘surf’ which came into use in 1685 and derived from Indian 'suffe' ('coastline'). A Portuguese sailor picked up the word and soon in the 1600's 'suffe' turned into 'surf'.

Surfing India is your dream coming true because waves are here all year round. Surfing from December to March is suitable particularly for beginners. October, November, and March to May are for learners and experts. But the season for huge world-class waves is the pre-monsoon and monsoon season May through September.

What can be better than plowing the waves along the tempting Varkala beach in Kerala? The waves here are higher than in Kovalam, which works perfectly for adrenaline addicted.

Famous Hindu holy place called Shivas is situated in Murdeshwara on a tiny peninsula in the Arabian Sea. This tropical peninsula is full of banana, mango, coconut trees growing along the beach as well as with large sheltered bays which are made for ideal surfing. Isolated white sand beached areas, no sharks, consecutive coves, cliffs, and no people. This is where paradise begins! All you need to do is to get there!

Alwars is potentially the best southeast coast surfing spot in India at Manapad Point which is not so easy to find and which is situated off the beaten track.

When coming to Goa, make sure you are doing it in the right season to get some proper waves. At the end of May or the beginning of June, the waves can get up to 10 feet plus!

Don't forget about Tiruchendur, a temple town, which has some pretty good waves breaking over a rock ledge and are a perfect surfing option

Practical info

When is the best time to go surfing in India?

Surfing enthusiasts can engage in the activity year-round in India. The peak season, however, depends on the surfer's skill level and type of waves sought. Novices can enjoy surfing from December to March, while intermediate and advanced surfers can experience the thrill from October to November and March to May. May through September provides the adventurous surfer with enormous waves to ride. Show more

Where are the best surfing spots in Kerala?

South India's Kerala and its 580 km coastline offer an array of surfing spots. Two of the most popular spots include Varkala and Kovalam Beach. Varkala sees higher waves than Kovalam and is better suited for the daring surfer. Alongside these popular surfing destinations, you can catch the waves from picturesque beaches like Murdeshwara, Manapad Point, and Tiruchendur, each offering a unique and rewarding experience. Show more

What is the origin of the word 'surf' and how is it related to India?

The word 'surf' has its genesis in 16th century India. Locals used the word 'suffe' to refer to the coastline, which a Portuguese sailor modified to 'surf'. Since it gained popularity, it can be said that surfing likely began in India, even earlier than the rest of the world. 'Surf' is a great reminder of India's contribution to the watersport and its long history of embracing and celebrating the coastline. Show more

When is the ideal season to catch huge world-class waves in India?

The prime season for surfing India's giant waves is from May through September. The monsoon season brings intense winds and heavy rainfall, making it the ultimate time for advanced surfers to catch thrilling waves. The waves are massive and require years of surfing skills development. Therefore, only experienced surfers who are comfortable with an adrenaline rush should consider riding them during this season. Show more

What unique features does Murdeshwara offer as a surfing destination in India?

Murdeshwara, located in the Arabian Sea, is a surf spot surrounded by stunning natural scenery. The coastline is covered with lush fruit and coconut trees. It also boasts large, protected bays that are ideal for surfing. Murdeshwara's remote pearl-white sand coastline is a surfer's paradise, enchanting with unbroken coves and cliffs. With no sharks to contemplate and no crowds to avoid, Murdeshwara offers the thrill of pure unbridled surfing. Show more

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