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Surfing on the Caribbean Coast in Colombia

Enjoy surfing at the best beaches on the Caribbean coast

Surfing on the Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean coast provides different activities like diving, snorkeling, and also surfing. The area is more suitable for beginners—you can learn how to surf and catch a few waves there quite easily.

Pradomar, Cartagena Jetty, Buritaca, Punta Sur—all these beaches of the Carribean coast are good for beginners. El Muelle, El Bolsillo, and Punta Roca are for more experienced surfers as the waves and winds can be very strong and challenging.

There are two surf seasons on the Caribbean coastline—from November through March and July through September. Wind shells on the Carribean have a very short wave period; as a result, the best time for surfing is during glassy mornings or late afternoon when winds back down.

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When is it best to surf on Colombia's Caribbean Coast?

Surfing season on Colombia's Caribbean coast runs from November to March and July to September. The best surfing times are during calm mornings or late afternoons when winds die down. These times offer calmer water and bigger swells. That being said, the ideal surfing conditions mostly depend on one's skill level and comfort. Show more

What are some good surfing spots for beginners in Colombia?

Some of the best beginner surfing spots in Colombia are Cartagena Jetty, Buritaca, Punta Sur, and Pradomar. These beaches have smaller waves and are ideal for those starting to surf. These spots also offer surfboard rental services and expert guidance. As for seasoned surfers, the waves at El Muelle, El Bolsillo, and Punta Roca will provide the challenge they seek. Show more

What are some other water activities you can do on the Caribbean Coast in Colombia besides surfing?

Other than surfing, the Caribbean coast of Colombia offers a number of water activities. Popular among them are snorkeling and diving, with the sea boasting clear turquoise waters and various creatures such as tropical fish. Visitors can also enjoy fishing offshore with locals or take a ferry to the San Bernardo Islands to explore the islands' avian and mangrove life. Show more

What are the best surfing beaches for experienced surfers on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia?

El Muelle, El Bolsillo, and Punta Roca are the best beaches along Colombia's Caribbean Coast for experienced surfers. These beaches tend to have larger and more forceful waves, as well as strong winds that can intimidate beginner surfers. These beaches are perfect for daring surfers who seek adventure and a challenge. Show more

What is the wave pattern on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and how does it impact surfing?

The wave pattern on Colombia's Caribbean coast is affected by the trade winds and the large expanse of the Caribbean Sea. This coast sees the shortest wave periods, so waves move quickly and create powerful waves. The ideal surfing times are during calm mornings and late afternoons when winds have subsided. However, the potent waves could be incredibly challenging for intermediate and beginner surfers. Show more

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