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Surfing Season in Valencia 2024

After the swimming season is over there begins the season of surfing on waves

Best time: September–October

Surfing Season

Besides the beautiful, sandy beaches and clear water, Spain has a 4,000 km long coastline that offers excellent spots for surfing. Valencia's surfing is among the world's best and is loved both by locals and tourists, so you will definitely fall in love with this breathtaking activity. The most popular beaches for surfing near Valencia are Playa de Levante and Playa de La Malvarrosa.

Playa de La Malvarrosa is deemed to be the best surf spot in Valencia. There is an opportunity to hire a professional instructor who will teach you to ride some waves. The surf lessons include all the necessary equipment you need.

Playa de Levante in Andalucia is a beach break that offers right and left-hand waves. It is best about low tide and it can be uncrowded even when the surf season in on.

The surfing season takes place in winter, but the peak is from the beginning of September until the end of October. In this period, winds create perfect conditions for surfing on waves but be aware of the strong rips in this area, so choose your spot wisely, based on your level. If you have never tried surfing before, there are numerous surfing schools and gear rentals in and around Valencia. So let's have some fun while catching waves!

Practical info

When can one enjoy the best conditions for surfing in Valencia?

From September until October, Valencia experiences the peak surfing season, with winds creating favorable conditions for surfing. Although surfing is also possible during winter, the aforementioned period is the best time to surf in Valencia. Show more

What are some popular surf spots in Valencia?

Among the popular surf spots in Valencia is Playa de La Malvarrosa. Another sought-after location is Playa de Levante in Andalucia, popular for its right and left-hand waves. Other surfing destinations are Playa de Las Arenas and Playa de Patacona. Show more

Which beach is deemed the best surf spot in Valencia?

Playa de La Malvarrosa is considered the top surfing beach in Valencia. With surf lessons that come with all the essential equipment, it is an ideal location for both experts and beginners to catch waves. Show more

Is there equipment for rent and professional instruction available for surfers in Valencia?

Surfing schools and gear rentals are abundant in Valencia. Regardless of expertise, there are rental packages and instruction to cater to each person's needs. Wetsuits, boards, and accompanying gear and accessories can be rented to maximize surfing enjoyment while in Valencia. Show more

What precautions should one take before surfing in Valencia?

While surfing in Valencia can be an exciting activity, there are some hazards to consider before taking to the waves. Be sure to assess the surfing location's conditions relative to one's skill level, as strong rips are present. Since the water can be cold, wearing a suitable wetsuit is essential. Moreover, it is best to surf on popular beaches with lifeguards to ensure safety. Show more

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