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Surfing in Sri Lanka 2024

Arugam bay is the most famous surfing spot

Best time: April–October


You can go surfing at both costs of Sri Lanka, which have two different season due to monsoon winds. The eastern shores are definitely considered the best. Famous Arugam bay hosts the annual UK Pro-Surfing Association’s Sri Lanka Surf Championships during this period.

The beaches are really beautiful and surfer friendly providing everything you'll need. The coast on the edge of Yala East National Park is also great to spot elephants and other animals. Arugam Bay suits both beginners and pros so chase the waves yourself, or watch the others doing it for you!

Practical info

When is the ideal period for surfing on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka?

Surf enthusiasts should visit the eastern shores of Sri Lanka from April to October for the best surfing experience, particularly at the renowned Arugam Bay. These months have improved waves induced by the monsoons, and there are fewer crowds and less rainfall at that time, making it an excellent time of the year for water sports. Show more

Which Sri Lankan destination is recognized as one of the greatest surfing sites?

Arugam Bay, situated on Sri Lanka's eastern coast, is the most prominent surfing destination in the country and is considered one of the world's most outstanding surfing spots. It hosts the UK Pro-Surfing Association's Sri Lanka Surf Championships every year. Apart from that, the beaches of Mirissa, Weligama, and Hikkaduwa are also excellent surf destinations. Show more

Do the surf spots available in Sri Lanka cater to beginner surfers?

Yes, the majority of surfing locations in Sri Lanka are perfect for beginners. For instance, Arugam Bay provides simpler waves for longboarders and individuals new to surfing. Within the area, institutes offer surf lessons taught by certified instructors, along with providing surfboards and other required equipment. Show more

What other activities can be done apart from surfing in Arugam Bay?

Along with surfing, Arugam Bay is known for its tranquil ambiance, stunning beaches, and an array of additional activities to enjoy. In addition to surfing, tourists can explore Kumana and Yala East National Parks, where they can see elephants, birds, and other local wildlife. Fishing, cycling, yoga, and checking out local markets are also activities to savor. Show more

Which national park in Sri Lanka is the best place to spot elephants while surfing?

Yala East National Park, located on Sri Lanka's southeastern edge, is the ideal spot to see elephants while surfing. Wild elephants come close to the shoreline, providing visitors with a chance to see them in their natural habitat. Even though approaching the elephants can be dangerous, it is a spectacular sight to witness wild elephants up close while surfing, or even from the shore, if safety is ensured. Show more

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