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Surfboards and Sydney go hand-in-hand. At any time of the year, stunning waves can be found all around Australia, meaning all surf levels can find waves suitable to practice on or ride. The coastline of the harbour city is spangled with spectacular surf breaks, including the iconic National Surfing Reserves.

The most consistent time of year for swells runs from March to September, when robust low-pressure systems form off southern Australia, producing humming groundswells that light up the west, east and south coasts. There are surf schools for beginners at world-famous beaches such as Manly and Bondi.

Early morning surf at Manly Beach 2020
Early morning surf at Manly Beach
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Australia's most famous beach is obviously Bondi Beach. The mixture of lifestyles would suit most, whether you're into the surf-crazy south or drawn to the northern end. You'll discover that Bondi is one of the better Sydney beaches—it has a great atmosphere, amazing surf, and good food.

Bondi, Australia 2020
Bondi, Australia
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Just over a kilometre’s walk south of Bondi is the fantastic Bronte Beach. Bronte faces east and picks up swells from all directions. There are large headlands to the south and north, so clusters of underwater rocks make conditions a bit challenging, especially for swimmers. Bronte’s premium waves shape the south cape, but, breaking across cliffs makes the surfing possible for confident board-riders only.

Surfing near Bronte Beach 2020
Surfing near Bronte Beach
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Over the last decade, Avalon has become the favoured destination for those looking to live a surfer lifestyle. As a result, the surf-riding community here is enthusiastic and large, but the skill level varies considerably, so it's better to watch for a bit before paddling into the fray.

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