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Surfing Experience in Vietnam

Since Vietnam is a country of three weather systems, when rains are flooding one part, there is perfect wind for surfing in another one!

Best time: August–December

Surfing Experience
Surfing Experience

Mui Ne is often called the surfing capital of southern Vietnam. During August to December awesome waves are present here and the wind is strong enough to be good for both surfing and kitesurfing. Those not really interested in adrenaline water sports ​can simply hang out and relax on a sunny beach.

Practical info

When is the best time to surf in Mui Ne?

Mui Ne is great for surfing from August to December due to favorable waves and wind conditions. Vietnam can experience varying weather systems, so it's always best to check the local forecasts. Despite possible unpredictabilities, Mui Ne remains a popular destination for surfing and tourists are welcome to catch some waves. Show more

Where is Mui Ne specifically located?

Situated in Binh Thuan, a southern Vietnamese province, Mui Ne is approximately 200 km away from Ho Chi Minh City. It's a charming seaside village where visitors can bask in beach activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Besides its vibrant water sports scene, Mui Ne features sand dunes and a few nearby attractions while still accommodating an affordable cost of living. Show more

What other water activities besides surfing are available?

Surfing isn't the only water sport one can enjoy in Mui Ne. For instance, tourists may also want to try kitesurfing, windsurfing, or even kayaking. Visitors seeking adventure will find numerous water sport schools nearby for lessons or rental. After a full day of surfing, tourists can explore local fishing villages, temples and rejuvenate on the Beaches. Show more

Can beginners surf in Mui Ne?

Mui Ne has the necessary facilities for surfing enthusiasts of all skill levels, beginners included. With experienced instructors and patience, beginners can familiarize themselves with surfing techniques and ocean safety. However, before engaging in any water activities in Mui Ne, it's relevant to take some lessons and monitor weather conditions and ocean currents to avoid potential risks. Show more

Is there accommodation available near the surfing areas in Mui Ne?

Surfers have an ample choice of accommodations near Mui Ne's surfing areas ranging from backpacker-friendly accommodations to luxury resorts. The coastal town provides numerous options that cater to the high number of visitors drawn to its vibrant surfing scene. A majority of the bars, shops, and restaurants are located on the Nguyễn Đình Chiểu street, and visitors can also opt for accommodation facilities near the Suoi Nuoc Bay and its surfing spots. Show more

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