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Since the 1970s, Madeira has been gaining popularity as a surfing destination, and many professional surfing competitions were held there. If you are good in surfing head to Paul do Mar that has legendary barrelling waves. Surfing at Jardim do Mar is also for the experienced as the waves there break large. São Vicente is for the beginners since the waves there are not that high. The biggest waves usually form during the winter period.

Practical info

When is the ideal time for surfing in Madeira?

If you're planning a surfing trip, the best season to surf in Madeira is between October and March. During these months, the winter season spoils surfers with strong winds and swells that produce the biggest waves. Advanced surfers will enjoy barreling waves at spots like Paul do Mar, while beginners will love the smaller swells at São Vicente. Regardless of your skill level, the conditions guarantee a fantastic surfing experience during this time of the year. Show more

What are Madeira's famous surfing spots?

Madeira has several stunning surfing spots that cater to different skill levels. For experienced surfers, Paul do Mar is ideal, while advanced surfers love Jardim do Mar. São Vicente delivers smaller waves for beginners. These locations are all renowned for their picturesque scenery and ideal surfing conditions, making Madeira a perfect surfing destination for surfers of all levels. Show more

Is Jardim do Mar suitable for novice surfers?

Jardim do Mar is among the preferred locations for advanced surfers, with strong currents and larger waves that make surfing quite challenging. However, it's a visually enchanting spot with some of the world's best waves. While it isn't generally considered the best option for beginners, it's advisable to ensure adequate training and necessary surfing skills before taking on these waves to ensure safety when surfing in Jardim do Mar. Show more

What are the best spots for beginners' surfing lessons in Madeira?

Madeira has numerous places where beginners can learn to surf quickly. São Vicente is among the sought-after locations for novice surfers and intermediate enthusiasts, with gentle waves that create a relaxed learning environment. Surf schools in Sao Vicente operate at fair prices where energetic and encouraging instructors teach the surfing basics, water safety, and proper techniques to help learners become skilled surfers in no time. Show more

Are there any annual surfing challenges held in Madeira?

Madeira has hosted significant surfing competitions over the years, such as the Big Wave Tour in 2018. The annual Clube Naval do Funchal Surfing Championship and Madeira Bodyboard Championship are other surfing contests held in Madeira. Locals consider surfing as a heritage and cultural activity, and it's crucial to preserve the oceanic environment and observe safety measures during surfing competitions and leisure surfing. Show more

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