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Toboggan Ride in Madeira

According to a legend, Hemingway described Funchal toboggan as "the most exhilarating experience" of his life

Best time: December 26–December 31 | January 02–August 13 | August 16–December 24

Toboggan Ride
Toboggan Ride
Toboggan Ride

A trip from Monte that sits 800 meters above sea level to the sea level Funchal can be a lot of fun if you take a traditional form of transportation at Madeira – a toboggan. Two men in rubber boots will accompany you down the 5 km hill using their boots as breaks. It gets​ even more exciting when it rains!

Practical info

When is the peak season for tobogganing in Madeira?

Although tobogganing is a year-round activity in Madeira, it's best to visit during December to March when there are fewer tourists. From August 16 to December 24, and from December 26 to 31 and January 2 to August 13, the weather is cooler, making it the best time for tobogganing and to avoid large crowds. Show more

Where in Madeira can I reserve a toboggan excursion?

At the top of Monte Hill, several operators provide toboggan rides in Madeira; prices are competitive, and booking early is recommended since the ride is popular. A driver or 'carreiro' and 'o ajudante' steers, controls the speed of the toboggan, and ensures the safety of passengers throughout the thrilling 10-minute ride down the hill. Show more

What are the roles of the men who accompany riders on a toboggan?

To steer the toboggan down the hill, two men work in harmony. One man, a driver or 'carreiro,' steers the front part of the toboggan using two ropes, while 'o ajudante' steers the back with a cogwheel; both control the speed with rubber-soled boots. Initially used for transportation by local residents in the early 19th century, the system is still in use today. Show more

What is the capacity of toboggans?

Only two people can ride per toboggan, sitting together on one seat. Therefore, you'll need to book several toboggans if you're traveling with a group. The price is per person, and the ride lasts approximately ten minutes. It's crucial to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as it can be a bumpy ride. Show more

Can youngsters ride with their parents?

If the child can safely sit next to the parent during the ride, youngsters can ride with their parents in a toboggan. Notify the driver or 'carreiro' about any children ahead of time to make necessary arrangements. Children can enjoy the panoramic views of Madeira's forested terrain as they get an exhilarating and entertaining ride down the mountain. Show more

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